How to Manage Sleeping With a Snorer?

The above asked question has been the long felt dilemma of partners and spouses all over the world since the beginning of time. Snoring occurs when a person is sleeping and is usually emitted when a person is in the deep stages of sleeping. It occurs when the airways are completely relaxed and get narrowed down, allowing the air to get blocked while inhaling and exhaling. This causes vibration in the throat tissues which emits the snoring sound.

Snoring leads to lethargic behavior and overtired feelings because at night the person cannot sleep blissfully or comfortably enough. Snoring caused by many factors such as:

  • Age
  • Body Weight and Height
  • Nasal Problems
  • Obesity
  • Poor Lifestyle
  • Irregular Sleeping Patterns
  • Consumption Of Alcohol
  • Smoking Regularly
  • Taking Sedatives and Sleeping Pills
  • Uncomfortable Sleeping Position

Sleeping with a Partner Who Snores

If your partner is snoring constantly, there is bound to be a time when you start to feel very annoyed and irritated. This then affects a person’s work input/output as well as their behavior in the normal routine. When a person is sleepy and lethargic they obviously fail to put a lot of effort in their personal as well as professional dealings.

One might love their partner unconditionally and might share a strong emotional attachment; however, there always comes a point when there is a need to let your partner know how their snoring is affecting you individually. If you try to put this off it can lead to a lot of bottled up sentiments which causes fights and unpleasant encounters.


How Sleeping with a Snorer Affects Relationships

Following are the ways in which snoring can damage your ongoing relationship:

  1. Sleeping in Separate Beds: This gets difficult because both partners have physical and emotional intimacy with each other. The option to sleep on a separate bed makes one or both the people in a relationship feel lonely, isolated and abandoned.
  2. IrritabilityDue To Sleep Loss: When a person does not sleep well, obviously they tend to get grouchy and moody. This can often lead to severe fights and arguments.
  3. Resentment: When one partner tries everything to remove the effects of snoring such as use ear plugs, sound machines and everything possible and still the snoring persists without any efforts from the snoring partner, things can get pretty nasty. This often leads to partner resentment. It leaves both people in a relationship hurt, resentful and somewhat guilty at resenting each other.

What Can Help?

When you feel that your relationship is in danger, it is imperative that action be taken. The best way to tackle this issue is to talk it out between with your partner. Eloquent communication is one of the key elements in making a relationship work. Make sure that you are not harsh or rude because your partner is bound to be already feeling embarrassed and vulnerable. Hence, sweet talking and cajoling is highly advised. Here are a few ways of how to talk to your partner in a loving and a comfortable manner:

  • Carefully Time Your Talk: Try not to say anything at inappropriate time. Make sure you talk to your partner or spouse step by step and ease them into the conversation rather than attacking them.
  • Assure them that you do not hold them responsible and understand that it is not in their control.
  • Refrain from lashing out.

UseHumor and Playfulness.