Sleep Apnea Exercises

Sleep Apnea Exercises – A Permanent Cure?

Exercises introduced to patients to cure sleep apnea itself are not permanent. However, in most cases with the help of these exercises, the severity of a patient’s condition is often decreased significantly. They also help in keeping a control over the patient’s sleep apnea frequency.

Sleep Apnea Exercises:

Following are the exercises that often referred to different patients in order to reduce sleep apnea.

  • Throat Exercise: This exercise tends to lower the severity of sleep apnea by strengthening the muscles in the airway which in turn helps the airways to avoid collapsing with each other.
  • Chewing Gum Exercise: To do this exercise you must act like you are chewing gum and pretend that the molars are moving. Initiate by chewing for a few minutes then slowly and gradually increase the duration provided your mouth remains closed throughout.
  • Yawning Exercise: This exercise is characterized by triggering a yawn and opening your mouth as wide as possible. It particularly helps in easing the flow of air.
  • Vowel Exercise: To do this exercise, recite the vowels fast and clearly. You may start by reciting them softly and after a few minutes increase your voice level.
  • Singing exercise: This is exercise is fairly simple. Choose a favorite song and sing your heart out.
  • Swallowing Exercise: For this exercise clench the muscles at the back of the throat for around thirty seconds or so at least and softly bite your tongue. After this immediately start swallowing and do it at least five times.
  • Palate Push: For this exercise, touch the back of your front teeth with your tongue and roll it backwards slowly.
  • Lip Route: To do this exercise lick your upper and lower lips continuously in a rotating motion using your tongue. Start by doing it clockwise and then end by doing the same exercise anti clockwise.
  • Tongue Out Exercise: For this exercise, simply take your tongue out for as long as you can. Pull it back in and repeat the exercise for a few times.
  • Tsk-Tsk Sound Exercise: Touch the back of the front teeth using your tongue. Make quick “tsk tsk” sounds for at least a minute or so then relax and the repeat the exercise.
  • Tongue Rove Exercise: For this exercise, explore your mouth using your tongue. Run over the front of your teeth, the top and the base of your mouth.
  • Jaw Stick Exercise: To do this exercise, hold a pencil or a stick between your teeth for around ten minutes just before going to sleep.
  • Jaw Swing Exercise: For this exercise, place your lower jaw towards the far right and hold it there for a little over thirty seconds then place your lower jaw towards the far left and hold it there for the same duration. Relax and repeat.

Efficacy of Sleep Apnea Exercises – Do They Help?

Yes, these exercises are certainly helpful. They are helpful because they work together to strengthen the muscles which keep your airways open so that the air can pass through easily. Although, these exercises will not completely cure the problem, they do tend to reduce the severity of sleep apnea. By attempting any of these exercises, a sleep apnea sufferer can definitely have some quality sleep. The best part about these exercises is that there is no side effect to any of them.