Sleep Paralysis Treatments

Sleep Paralysis is a non-fatal sleeping disorder in which a person tends to lose the ability to talk or move temporarily as soon as they wake up from their sleep. In this condition, the person is completely aware of his or her surroundings but is temporarily paralyzed. This effect lasts for around thirty seconds to a minute or so but it has been referred to as the most terrifying experience. Sleep experience is very common among teenagers and young adults especially in America.

Researchers have learned that apart from the usual factors which cause sleep paralysis like stress or anxiety, there is an involvement of genetics in causing Sleep Paralysis as well. Although, as stated previouslySleep Paralysis does not harm people, it can definitely indicate a trigger of some severe neurological disorder like Narcolepsy or Sleep Apnea and is very discomforting as well.

Can Sleep Paralysis Be Treated?

Sleep Paralysis can in fact be treated; however, the cause for a person’s Sleep Paralysis is a major factor to be kept in mind. Researchers and scientists have investigated that there has not been a proper treatment revealed yet. However, there are various lifestyle changes which a person can introduce in their life in order to fight Sleep Paralysis.

Lifestyle Changes to Treat Sleep Paralysis

  • Sleeping for an adequate amount of time of around seven to eight hours, can help decrease the severity of Sleep Paralysis significantly.
  • Doctors and Sleep Experts also suggest following a proper sleeping routine and pattern.
  • Reduction of Caffeine intake before bedtime.
  • Prohibition of Alcohol and Smoking before bedtime.
  • Regular physical and mental exercises.

All these little habits help significantly in decreasing the severity of Sleep Paralysis.

Medication for Sleep Paralysis

It has also been found out thatNarcolepsy is a major factor which attributes to Sleep Paralysis as well. In such cases, doctors and Sleep Experts usually prescribeanti-depressants medication to eliminate or reduce dream sleep. Contrary to popular belief, being prescribed anti-depressants does not necessarily mean that a person is depressed. For such cases, anti-depressants actually help in reducing the severity of a person’s condition.

It can be safely concluded that Sleep Paralysis is a disorder which can only be treated if the causes for it are determined. For instance, a person with a Bi-Polar Disorder also sometimes suffers from Sleep Paralysis. In this case, the Bi-Polar Disorder needs to be treated first and only then anything can be prescribed to reduce the severity of Sleep Paralysis.

Natural Remedies for Sleep Paralysis

There are various natural remedies for Sleep Paralysis which help with keeping the intensity of the disorder at bay.

  • Comfortable Sleeping Conditions
  • Comfortable Sleeping Position
  • Chamomile Tea and Herbal Tea are often a helping factor.
  • Use of Valerian which is herbal often used to decrease nervousness and insomnia. It is best advised to combine this with some other supplement in order to ensure full efficacy.
  • Use of Melatonin which regulates sleep by balancing the body’sCardiac Rhythm.

Sleep Paralysis is not a life threatening sleeping disorder and can be cured with natural remedies or medication.